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Bromeliad Uses Zoey to Take Their Online Store to the Next Level

Posted by Ryan Gilmore August 19, 2016

Topics: Merchant Success Stories



The Highlights 


  • Bromeliad N Such started selling exotic plants and plant supplies on eBay in 2008. After seeing strong sales it became necessary to start a dedicated online store. 

  • After launching on ProStores (owned by eBay), eBay decided to shut the platform down, leaving Bromeliads N Such with 6 months to find a new home for their online store.   

  • After looking at several different platforms, Zoey quickly stood out due to the design functionality, rich feature set and overall ease of use.

  • Since moving to Zoey, Bromeliads N Such has seen significant results. They’ve increased sales by 60% and now have a stable online presence that they can build on for years to come. 


Let's learn more about Bromeliads N Such and how Zoey has helped them achieve such success. 


What inspired you to start your business, and why did you start selling online?


In 2008, I stumbled on a few species of Florida's native tillandsias (aka air plants) that were growing on trees and was completely fascinated by the way they grow without soil. That alone was enough to get me excited. I really had no idea how vast and diverse the bromeliad world is. Soon after, I found suppliers and started buying and selling these beautiful plants. My collection got out of control in 2012 and this hobby became a business and got incorporated.


How did you make your first sales? Which channels are now generating the most traffic and sales for you? 


My first sale was on eBay. I had no website, only a small collection of plants I was buying and reselling. 


Why did you choose Zoey as your eCommerce platform and how has it helped you grow your business?


For me, Zoey came at the right time before I jumped ship from ProStores, well, actually, they kind of made me walk the plank. In 2014, while still being a small mail-order business I was blessed to have the opportunity to purchase the domain bromeliad.com. At that time my old website platform was ProStores and the owner (eBay) decided to shut it down within 6 months leaving tens of thousands of businesses scrambling.


Of course there were several option for a website platform, but all of them seemed so generic and watered-down. I knew that Zoey was the platform that would take me to the next level. 2015 was a good year for us and we have exceeded our sales goal. This year we are on our way to a 60% increase over last year.


What tools and apps do you use to run your store? Which are most important to your business and why? 


I use MailChimp and Yotpo which are important for my business.


What advice would you give to other online store owners? 


For me, it took some time to learn the Magento based platform, but in the end I realized Zoey is worth every penny in achieving a serious online presence. Everything from design options to overall functionality is so robust and easy to use.


I can honestly say I'm 100% satisfied with the height Zoey platform helped me reach. If you want to take your business to the next level, I highly recommend Zoey - a powerful tool for your success! 


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