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Just a Soap Cuts Costs and Eliminates Complexity by Moving to Zoey From Magento Community Edition

Posted by Ryan Gilmore April 13, 2017

Topics: Merchant Success Stories

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The Highlights
  • UK based retailer Just a Soap sells raw materials that customers use to make their own beauty and cosmetic products. They’ve been in business for 15 years and sell to a large customer base in the UK and continental Europe.
  • After building their first site on osCommerce and later moving to Magento as their business expanded, Just a Soap grew frustrated with the complexity and expense of running a Magento site.
  • After looking at Shopify and BigCommerce, Just a Soap decided to move their store to Zoey due to the platform’s ability to handle their complex business needs, while still delivering the greater ease of use and lower costs they wanted.
  • Moving to Zoey saved Just a Soap a minimum of $5,000 in site redesign work, another $1,200 per year in application support costs and about $5,000 per year in development fees related to site updates. They’ve also gained four hours back each week that they can now dedicate to expanding their business and growing sales.


Just a Soap is a UK based online retailer that sells raw materials that customers use to make their own beauty and cosmetic products. They sell online exclusively to customers in the UK and continental Europe. Like many businesses that started selling online 15 years ago, their first online store was built on an open source platform.

“We started selling online using osCommerce and as the business grew and our needs became more sophisticated, we moved over to Magento,” said Josie McCaffrey, Company Director at Just a Soap.

The Challenge  

Just a Soap moved to Magento to take advantage of its rich features and underlying power, but they soon grew frustrated by its complexity and the expense of working with a developer to update even basic aspects of their site.

“Magento felt like a dinosaur in comparison to many of the shopping carts around and the standard functionality that we expect from a shopping cart today just wasn’t there. It was impossible to change anything without becoming a software developer or employing a very expensive one,” said McCaffrey.

As a result of these frustrations, Just a Soap began looking for a new home for their business.

The Solution

After looking at Shopify and BigCommerce, Just a Soap ultimately settled on Zoey as their next ecommerce platform.  

“Our store needs are quite complicated in that have multiple shipping methods, plus products that are subject to VAT and others that are zero rated. We also need the ability to enter backend customer orders and our European customers often have their own VAT number so we needed to be sure we could have EU VAT validation. None of the other platforms we considered could handle all of this complexity,” she said.  

With Zoey, Just a Soap found a platform that could handle the level of sophistication they required, while also delivering the benefits of a modern ecommerce platform like greater ease of use and lower costs.

The Results  

The most immediate impact Just a Soap felt from moving to Zoey was a newfound ability to rapidly adjust their storefront to cater to customer trends without needing to work with a developer.

“Zoey has given us the ability to be flexible in terms of design and responding to ever changing consumer habits in online shopping, such as the move to mobile. We can easily modify page layouts, colours and keep the website looking fresh without having to write code or hire a developer,” said McCaffrey.

Just a Soap has also been able to more cost effectively and efficiently manage the technical side of running an online store by moving to Zoey.

“We definitely have lower IT costs as we no longer have to suffer the high costs of hosting a Magento site. It’s also been really helpful to not have to spend time monitoring server performance or stressing out about server issues, since Zoey handles that for us. We also use quite a few apps alongside our store and with Magento there were always issues getting them to work together. With Zoey, we have none of those problems, ” said McCaffrey.  

With a much improved online store in place, Just a Soap is turning their focus to growth and expansion.

“Our plans are now to concentrate on expanding our business without having to worry about managing the software behind it. Using Zoey frees up a lot of our time to focus on growth and with the superb support infrastructure that Zoey offers we know we can achieve our goals," said McCaffrey.

When asked if she had any advice for merchants considering Zoey, McCaffrey had the following to say:

“Any business who no longer wants the hassle and maintenance of running ecommerce software - especially if you’re using Magento - would see immediate benefit from moving to Zoey. We have two sites running on Zoey, both with different needs, and it handles them with ease.”

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