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For Le Pain Quotidien, Zoey is an Affordable Alternative to Custom Development

Posted by Ryan Gilmore August 16, 2016

Topics: Merchant Success Stories

Le Pain Quotidien sought a flexible eCommerce solution they could grow on. The team considered custom development, but found that Zoey was able to achieve the same goals for just $89/month, saving them thousands of dollars. 
“Zoey enabled us to launch and grow our online store in ways we previously though required thousands of dollars,” said Saf Dogan, Digital Marketing Manager at Le Pain Quotidien. 
Using Another Platform Would Have Cost Them $35,000 
Zoey Led to Dramatic Improvements 
After moving to Zoey, Le Pain Quotidien saw the following improvements: 
  • 200% increase in team efficiency 

  • 24% increase in mobile revenue 

  • 30% increase in customer engagement 

  • Faster site speed 

“We needed a platform that could migrate over our old store and deliver ROI immediately. The power and value of the Zoey platform is clear,” said Dogan. 
Mobile Sales Are Up By 24% 
"Almost 60% of our traffic is from mobile devices, and with this new, responsive storefront, we can now offer a beautiful and optimized experience. It's a huge step forward for our brand." said Dogan.
Far more than a cosmetic change, the new responsive site has resulted in increased mobile sales, faster site speed and better customer engagement.
"After we moved to Zoey, we saw that our store was noticeably faster, which leaves shoppers much happier and far more likely to make a purchase." said Dogan. 
Less Time Maintaining Their Store and More Time Growing It 
"I now spend 40% of my time maintaining the store vs. 90% of my time with our previous platform. Zoey's ease of use is one of the reasons for this improvement." said Dogan.
Their newfound efficiency lets the team spend more time growing the business with projects like: 
  • Integrating content marketing with the store 
  • Testing social shopping initiatives 
  • Expanding the brand into new categories 
Is Selling Home Goods Next? 
One of the unique features of the brand's in-store experience is rustic furniture that reaches back to their roots in Belgium.
It's not feasible to sell this furniture in retail locations, but with Zoey, they can satisfy customer demand for these goods through their online store.
"We are so much more than an organic restaurant. We promise customers a taste of quality and community that's a comfort in our busy modern world. Zoey helps us deliver on this promise today and I'm confident they will continue to do so far into the future." says Dogan. 
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