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SnowBigDeal Switches to Zoey From Magento Community Edition

Posted by Ryan Gilmore September 27, 2016

Topics: Merchant Success Stories

SnowBigDeal Powers Their Online Store With Zoey
The Highlights

  • SnowBigDeal, a leading retailer of Winter sports and avalanche safety equipment, has been selling online since the early 2000s. The business started on eBay, eventually graduating to Magento Community Edition and now Zoey.

  • The hours spent maintaining their Magento site, along with the complexity of optimizing it for both speed and mobile shoppers, led SnowBigDeal to look for alternatives.

  • SnowBigDeal chose Zoey because the platform gives their business the power of Magento paired with the ease of use of a modern, hosted ecommerce platform. Zoey’s drag-and-drop design tools allow SnowBigDeal to control the design of their site without a developer and the stable infrastructure means no more worrying about uptime, security and site speed.

  • Since moving to Zoey, SnowBigDeal has seen a significant reduction in the amount of time they spend managing their site. There’s also been a huge improvement in site speed and their store is now optimized for mobile shoppers, just in time for the upcoming holiday shopping season.  

Outdoor sports retailer, SnowBigDeal, is the classic ecommerce success story. Founded in the early 2000s, like many merchants, they started by selling on eBay. After SnowBigDeal built a loyal customer base there, it made sense to expand into a dedicated online store powered by eBay’s ProStore’s platform.  Continued growth led SnowBigDeal to move their online store to the more powerful Magento Community Edition platform.

After launching the Magento store, the complexity and inefficiency of the platform quickly began weighing on SnowBigDeal’s internal resources.

“I was managing our Magento site myself and keeping up with hosting, security, updates, and other patches was just too time consuming. I wasn’t able to give other parts of my business the attention they needed,” said Cade Beck, CEO of SnowBigDeal.

Beyond the inefficiency of running the Magento site day-to-day, SnowBigDeal had other issues with the site’s technical performance.

“Magento is very resource intensive and we were never able to get the site as fast as we wanted. The site search also performed poorly and it was too difficult to get our site optimized for mobile. I’m confident that these issues cut into our potential earnings," said Beck

SnowBigDeal knew they needed to change something, but at the same time their business was at the size and level of sophistication where the power of Magento was a requirement. After investigating a new custom build of Magento and a few other Magento based platforms, they settled on Zoey.

“The fundamental issue was that we would still need to deal with the complexities of running a Magento site. Zoey was a refreshing alternative that would give us much of the power of Magento in a more affordable and easier to use package.”

Since moving to Zoey, SnowBigDeal has seen a significant reduction in the amount of time spent managing their store, and there’s no longer a need to worry about hosting, security, and maintaining complicated integrations. This has given the SnowBigDeal team peace of mind and precious time back.

Zoey’s drag-and-drop design tools allow SnowBigDeal to control the design of the store without having to work with a developer. They also make creating a mobile site easy. Since every Zoey template is responsive and optimized for mobile shoppers out of the box, SnowBigDeal was able to create a mobile shopping experience with very little additional work.

Finally, Zoey’s stable, high-performance infrastructure has significantly increased site speed and Zoey’s cutting edge site search functionality has turned a formerly nagging issue into a strength of their site.

“It’s the offseason for the winter sports community, but moving to Zoey has given me the confidence that we’re well positioned to take advantage of the upcoming season. Solving the site performance issues we were having with Magento and optimizing our site for mobile shoppers is huge for us and Zoey was vital to making those things happen.”  

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