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Advice from Zoey Partner Infront Webworks

By Josh O'Connell on May, 31 2017


At Zoey, not only are we fortunate to work with amazing customers, but we've got amazing agencies as well. Agencies are a great support system for our customers because they are able to help merchants with every component of building a Zoey store, and helping their businesses grow once the store is live. This is helpful for store owners who already have enough on their own plates, or are just seeking some subject matter expertise in areas they may be less familiar.

We recently interviewed one of our agency partners, Infront Webworks, about the types of services they offer, as well as hear their advice from an agency perspective on when it might be time to hire an outside agency.


Tell us a little about Infront.

Infront Webworks is an award-winning digital agency based in Colorado Springs, Colorado. We deliver websites and custom code and digital marketing. We’ve written complex custom code that effectively IS a client’s business and completely supports what is being sold online. We specialize primarily in website design, custom website development and search engine optimization (SEO).

How long have you been a Zoey Agency Partner? Why did you decide to partner with us?

For almost a year.  We needed an ecommerce platform that could support an intricate design that was previously on a Magento site, and that would allow for selling accessories or add-on items that included a pricing change.

What types of services does Infront offer?
We’re a full service digital agency and we offer all aspects of web development and online marketing including web development on a multitude of platforms, and full service SEO, collaborative SEO, social media, and AdWords.  


Let’s talk a little about your merchants and clients. First of all, what types of clients do you work with?
All different types.  We have clients in many different industries including healthcare, construction, fashion, nonprofits and even an orchestra.


When should merchants build sites themselves and when should they work with an agency?
I think there is always a benefit to hiring an agency.  Working on your own site is a little bit like building your own house.  If you don’t understand the foundational aspects and get them right in the beginning, you can be creating a lot of issues down the road for yourself.  It’s really hard to know what you don’t know. I think merchants can also underestimate how time consuming it can all be if they are trying to learn web design, web development, online marketing and also create and load all of the content.  And taking the house analogy a bit further, if you think you will ever want to sell the business, it’s imperative to have everything set up and working correctly.  


How can potential clients best prepare themselves to work with an agency?
It doesn’t take a lot of preparation.  If you’re running a business then you have everything you need to work with an agency.  We help clients with realistic goal setting and can give great advice regarding where to focus efforts and how to prioritize.  If your business has special needs that require custom coding or a unique marketing plan, we can talk through those with you and help define the requirements.  


Tell us about a Zoey project you’ve worked on.
One of our marketing clients had a site on the Magento platform.  It was difficult to do effective marketing because the site had not been updated in many moons.  The last time the client had tried to update the site it wouldn’t display correctly, so they rolled back the updates and they were just trying to live with the out-of-date and fragile code base that wasn’t really serving their needs anymore.  A decision was made to move the site to a new platform, but which one?  We tried BigCommerce first, but it wasn’t a perfect fit.  We wanted to keep the design exactly the same, and that wasn’t going to be possible.  More importantly, the clients products come with many accessories and they had to be displayed on the product detail page in a way that made them easy to choose in multiples and would reflect on the pricing.  Zoey was the perfect fit.  


Why did your client choose Infront to help them get live on Zoey?
They became our client through the marketing department. We did online marketing for their previous site.  In fact, there were some things that our marketing department wanted to do that were difficult in Magento, so they helped drive the decision to move to a different platform.


What was it like moving them from Magento over to Zoey? Did they have any complicated requirements?
It was a dream, very easy.  Zoey did most of the product migration, and the client had great in-house resources to groom all of the products.  The most complicated part was an extensive sidebar navigation that listed product categories in a particular way. The Zoey system wouldn’t autogenerate them exactly like we wanted, but we found out that we could do it all within the design.  The client wanted the new site in Zoey to look exactly like the Magento site so that the move wasn’t obvious to their users, and this was the only challenging part of pulling that off.

Did you find that there was a big learning curve when working with Zoey for the first time?
Not at all!  The system was very intuitive and easy to use.  There was a small learning curve, as there is with any platform that you are new to, mostly around learning how the documentation is organized and where to find certain functionality.


What excites you the most about the future of Infront and Zoey?
We have a lot of experience standing up ecommerce sites, and it’s not always easy.  There really isn’t a ‘one size fits all’ solution, every business is different, with different needs.  The Zoey platform has the right amount of features and flexibility to make it a great fit for many of our clients.  And we’re very excited about a platform that can be customized, so that it can become a perfect fit for all of our ecommerce clients.  


What advice do you have for other development agencies?
We were hesitant to hang our hats on a third party platform, because it seemed that so much would be out of our control.  For a shop that is used to writing it’s own code it can be a bit of a leap of faith, but it ended up being a good move for us.  Zoey has a great feature set out of the box, and the ability to customize to the extent that we can with Zoey is both unusual and liberating.  We’ve found support to be responsive and knowledgeable, and even the marketing team at Zoey is outstanding.  Take the leap.


What about merchants?
It’s important to become experts on the ecommerce platform that you choose, no matter which one you decide on.  A platform like Zoey, with a short learning curve and excellent support, makes that easy.  Hiring a digital agency to help you navigate the unfamiliar waters and to help get traffic and paying customers to your site can make the journey much shorter and easier, and free up your time to do what only you can for your business.  Give us a call, we’d love to help.  


Anything else you’d like to share?
I’d just like to give the folks at Zoey a great big ‘Thank You!’  You’ve developed a great platform, you’re awesome to work with, and we hope to continue our great relationship for a long time.   


Join the Infront Webworks team on June 28 for a webinar discussing search engine optimization! Click here to register.

If you'd like to reach out to Infront to collaborate with them on your site, visit their profile page to get started.

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