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Customer Registration Changes Affecting All Stores; Steps Must Be Taken by March 1

Posted by Uri Foox February 6, 2018

Topics: Zoey Product News

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Periodically, changes must be implemented on Zoey to counteract measures being detected affecting our customers' ability to do business. Increased activity has been found where robots are filling out customer registration forms at a pace that makes it difficult for our merchants to identify real customer registrations from empty accounts. 

The changes that impact customer registrations

We will be implementing two changes to counteract these issues and improve the experience for our merchants:

  • Effective immediately, we are disabling emails being sent to customers and merchants when a new account is created, unless the ReCaptcha feature is turned on. Customers who have already enabled ReCaptcha have no further action required.

  • Starting March 1, if ReCaptcha is not enabled, customer registrations will be completely disabled until this step has been taken. Therefore, we advise merchants to set up ReCaptcha as quickly as possible.

In 2017, Zoey made ReCaptcha mandatory for newsletter forms; this new change will now extend the requirement to customer account registrations.

Getting started with ReCaptcha

If you have not registered for ReCaptcha before, we have created a tutorial on the Support site with step by step directions on how to register for ReCaptcha and enable it for your store. The process should only take a few minutes but will fortify your store.

Click the button below to read our tutorial on how to enable ReCaptcha:

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