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WEBINAR RECORDING: How Successful eCommerce Leaders Profit From Their Data

By Josh O'Connell on April, 16 2019


Many eCommerce businesses have some sort of analytics solution collecting data about their onlin store, tracking things like abandoned carts and conversion rates. But as businesses grow, the level of data sophistication should as well. So how do you take that next step to ensure your customers return, at the right time, with the right enticement?


Mark Miano, of Zoey analytics partner Glew, presented a webinar covering important eCommerce analytics information for merchants who rely on a repeat customer model. He specifically dives in to the Lifetime Value (LTV) calculation and how merchants can leverage data within Glew to identify opportunities to improve the LTV by targeting customers that are at the right moment to repurchase. You can watch the webinar below:

As part of this webinar, Glew also shared their new Glew Academy videos, which dives into these topics and more in much deeper form. The videos are great for eCommerce businesses who need some help in better understanding the data at their fingertips, and how to leverage that data successfully. The recent Zoey webinar offers a first look, but those wishing to invest more time in understanding these metrics will find Glew Academy helpful. Videos are being added regularly.

Our webinar with Glew is the latest in a series of over 20 Merchant Webinars we've produced to help merchants save money, sell more or become more efficient. Check out the entire line-up, as well as upcoming sessions, here:

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