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Merchant Webinar: Pay Attention to the Holidays

By Josh O'Connell on August, 17 2017

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One of the more overlooked aspects of preparing for the holidays is payment providers. Many merchants register with a credit card processor when setting up their store and don't give it much other thought, but there's things you should be thinking about as a merchant. Here are some examples:

  • If you're a smaller store, will your customers feel comfortable typing their credit card number into your checkout page if they've just found you for the first time? Have you built enough reputation to overcome a natural fear of not just giving anyone a credit card number?
  • If you sell higher-priced items, are you offering customers a financing option that lets them buy now and pay later? If you're not, are customers walking away from the purchase?
  • If you're selling internationally, how does your processor hold up across multiple countries? Does it take care of customers in the areas you're selling?

With these questions and more, Zoey has scheduled a merchant webinar around payments with Rob Long, a partner evangelist at PayPal. Rob helps partners and merchants better understand, implement and optimize ecommerce payments. The webinar, which takes place Wednesday, August 23 at 1 p.m. EDT, will cover a number of topics:

  • PayPal‚Äôs latest data about optimizing checkout for mobile and web
  • How, when and why to leverage alternative payment methods and gateways like PayPal Credit and Braintree
  • A checklist of quick changes you can implement today to increase conversions before the holidays

There's going to be a lot of information you won't want to miss. Click the button below to register:

Register for the webinar

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