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Migrating from Magento 1 to Zoey offers advantages

By Zoey Partner on June, 19 2017


For merchants that have had the benefit of building their E-commerce sales channels on the Magento 1.x environment, we’re now entering a planning phase where it will be important to continue forward with your website. This is mainly because the Magento team publicized an End of Life date for Magento 1.x of November 18th, 2018. Not only does that mean no new features and innovations, but also an expectation of no new security patches. We can anticipate that over time, this will leave Magento 1 sites more vulnerable to hackers. Magento has since begun to suggest extended support for Magento 1.x, but as we’ll dive into, that will have its limits.

In December of 2018, PHP 5.x, which current Magento 1 sites typically need to run, will be sunset as well. This will leave merchants without future PHP security patches after that time. While web hosts can help you upgrade to PHP 7, which has speed efficiencies and other improvements, Magento 1 is not compatible with this new version of PHP out of the box. You can make Magento’s core compatible, but there’s no litmus test to check if your Magento Extensions will be compatible or a quick solution for making some extensions compatible.

Magento 1 Extension Developers have already been refocusing their efforts on Magento 2, and by-and-large, are not heavily focused on security, bug fixes, and other improvements for their Magento 1 patches. Similarly, few developers and putting out extensions or connectors for Magento 1 now that 2 has been out for so long.

As businesses begin to understand that moving to Magento 2 is a re-platform or re-build, and not a simple upgrade, many will be taking the opportunity to look for solutions that will more closely meet their needs and goals. To move from Magento 1 to Magento 2, you have to purchase and install extensions that are compatible with Magento 2, create or personalize a theme for the Magento 2 platform, and undergo other similar build and migration tasks.

Some merchants that require a high degree of customization may want to start over on Magento 2, but many organizations will look elsewhere. Zoey is a great solution in such situations, as it was born from a Magento backbone, but relieves many of the friction points that merchants have had with Magento. For instance, with Zoey: 

  • Apps are pre-installed and tested
  • You have a support desk to answer questions and provide assistance
  • There is a do-it-yourself theming system, allowing you to do more without knowing code
  • Hosting is included and managed by the Zoey team
  • Security patches and upgrades are managed behind-the-scenes automatically
  • B2B features are built-in making it easier to manage wholesale and distribution
  • Additional functionality is out-of-the-box, like Gift Cards and a Blog
  • You can integrate more payment options, like Amazon Payments, without customizations

So if you need to make a change in order to keep your website safe and secure, and are looking for a more streamlined approach that allows you to better predict your costs and overhead and focus on customers, marketing, and sales, then we highly recommend that you take advantage of a free trial of Zoey.

If you need help with new graphics, digital marketing campaigns, or additional consultation, you’ll still be able to rely on an expert agency, like Rand Marketing, or another Zoey Partner Agency.

- Robert Rand, Rand Marketing

Rand Internet Marketing specializes in professional website design, development and programming using Magento and WordPress, and online marketing services including SEO, PPC, content marketing, and social media marketing. Led by Seth Rand, founder and CEO, the Fort Lauderdale-based firm was recently named to the Google Partners AllStars and holds an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau. In addition to partnering with industry leaders in web hosting, payment procession, website security, shipping, IT, photography, video, eCommerce fraud prevention, multichannel eCommerce, conversion rate optimization and other business services, Rand also supports the local community through relationships with local nonprofit organizations. 

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