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Shipping Deadlines by Carrier for 2018

By Josh O'Connell on November, 1 2018


If you're using a major carrier to ship products to your customers, knowing when holiday cutoffs occur for guaranteed delivery can be a critical part of your business. Carriers themselves work to get increasingly creative to avoid delays that many merchants and consumers abhor.

But on a more basic level, it helps to know when carriers announce as their cutoff dates for guarantee of delivery before the holidays to build your own marketing plans around, so you as a merchant don't overpromise what your customers can get during the holiday season.


Our friends at ShipStation have compiled once again the definitive holiday shipping deadline guide. The graphics embedded here cover many of the key shipping types by all three major U.S. delivery options, which will hopefully help you as you make decisions around marketing and promotion for the holiday season.

If you want more information about managing shipping successfully, especially during the holidays, head to ShipStation's blog and subscribe to get regular tips and suggestions that can help you succeed as a business. While there, check out ShipStation's solutions, which can help you more easily ship Zoey orders in volume thanks to its tight integration with us.

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