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UPS Rate Calculation Changes May Impact Your Store

By Uri Foox on January, 7 2019

UPS has made changes to its rate processing systems that has led to changes in how UPS integrates directly into Zoey. While Zoey has been able to implement changes that allow the UPS method to work for now, we recommend all customers that are using it to switch to the newer, more modern UPS XML method.

Zoey has historically offered two types of UPS Rates: UPS and UPS XML. UPS allowed anyone to look up rates without needing a UPS Username, Password or API Access Key. This method earlier today stopped working. Zoey was able to implement a workaround to get it to work again, but we recommend all stores using UPS directly within Zoey to make changes to avoid future issues.

We have updated the Zoey Interface to force everyone to UPS XML but if you do not have a Username, Password or API Access Key you will need to now input those values for UPS to work. If you have these values already entered, then UPS rates should continue to function. Users of third-party services like ShipperHQ are unaffected.

To ensure your settings are up to date, visit Setup -> Shipping -> UPS. You will need to make sure the following information is properly entered:

  • Your UPS username
  • Your UPS password
  • Your Access License Number (also called Access Key)

If you want to use Negotiated Rates, you will need to set that setting to YES and also enter your Shipper Number.

Click the button below for complete details on how to set up your UPS shipping rates directly into Zoey:

Learn how to configure UPS Shipping Rates

We apologize for any inconvenience this places on our customers.

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