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VIDEO DEMO: Orders Grid and Admin Order Create

By Josh O'Connell on May, 28 2019

Placing and managing orders is one of the key requirements of any eCommerce platform, regardless of type or use. For B2B and wholesale businesses, many times orders get created internally based on a customer call or request, so having a powerful administration area that can make order creation and management easy is a must.

Our next chapter of the Zoey Demo video series focuses on the Orders Grid, where existing orders are reviewed and managed, and the Admin Order Create, which Zoey relaunched with more functionality and simpler use recently. If it's been some time since you last reviewed Zoey, there's quite a bit of new capabilities here to take advantage of, and the video demo will give you a clear overview of what's available.

Zoey also offers customized walkthroughs of the platform if you're looking to review certain features are available, or confirm Zoey can handle the requirements of your business. To request a walkthrough, click the button below and fill out the form:

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