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Visual Design Editor upgrade rollout revised

By Uri Foox on January, 15 2018


Last week we announced that our Visual Design Editor upgrade was nearly here, with many new features and improvements. After receiving feedback from a number of our customers and partners, we have decided to revise the rollout to offer more control to each individual store as to when to complete the upgrade.

Starting today, customers who wish to begin utilizing the new design tools can request an upgrade. Here's how the process will work, what to expect, and the risks that customers opting in to the new tools should know about.

Who should upgrade today

We do not encourage all customers to request the new tools right way. In fact, most customers should sit tight. If your existing design is working well, and you do not have any immediate plans to revise or upgrade your design, we discourage you from opting in to the new tools.

Here are the categories of customers we think should be considering the upgrade right now:

  • Customers with immediate plans for design updates or enhancements

  • Stores that are in the process of being built, to avoid a migration later and to leverage the new tools now

  • Those who are apt to make design updates regularly

  • Those who like to be on the leading edge of new technology, and are willing to go through the bumps and bruises expected with any new technology

As more customers adopt the tools, and the number of bugs are reduced, we will share follow-up announcements encouraging more customers to take part.

What to expect

  • Stores will be upgraded in the order in which we receive the request. We encourage customers to expect a delay from the time the request is received until the time the upgrade is completed.

  • A pre-migration phase and audit will take place, where the Zoey team tests the migration and resolves any major issues that the migration may create.

  • During the upgrade to your site, the Visual Design Editor will be temporarily unavailable.

  • An email notification will be sent to the account owner upon completion of the upgrade.

  • We encourage customers and partners to review sites upon upgrade. While every attempt has been made to ensure the transition is seamless, there can and will be small shifts in site templates that may need a review or adjustment after the upgrade.

  • It's important to note that documentation will be initially sparse, with not much in the online support system.

  • While the Zoey team has tested the tools carefully, it's likely that bugs will exist, especially right after launch. These bugs could get in the way of the ability to make updates in the design editor, or could temporarily create issues for customers shopping on a live site.

  • While we will make every effort to resolve bugs as they come up, with the launch of this size it can take a bit of time for all the issues to be resolved.

Our Frequently Asked Questions page will continue to be maintained on our support section with answers to questions about the new Visual Design Editor and the upgrade process.

Learn more at our webinar

We've scheduled a webinar for 1 p.m. EST Wednesday, February 7, where we'll dive deeper into the new editor and how to make the most of it. You can register for that webinar here.

Get the new tools

If you are ready to get the new Visual Design Editor, and are comfortable with being among the first to use it, click the button to initiate the request:

Request the upgrade

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