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Webinar Recording: Get your Holiday Marketing Ready

By Josh O'Connell on August, 30 2017
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The holidays still may be a few months away, but when it comes to marketing, the earlier you prepare, the better. If you're not working to build your list, prepare your plans and line everything up for the holidays, you may find yourself outmatched by those who have a very carefully plotted strategy for driving sales.
There are things you can be doing right away to prepare, and in a recent webinar, Zoey partner Insightin Digital shares some things you can be doing to build your marketing efforts now to ensure a successful holiday season. In the webinar, we discussed:
  • Email list growing
  • Curating and segmenting emails
  • Landing page building for social and advertising
  • Modifying your store for the right CTA
Watch the webinar below to learn what you should be thinking about to be fully prepared for the next few months:
Zoey hosts merchant webinars regularly; to see what's coming up on our calendar, visit our Merchant Webinars page, where you can also register for the upcoming webinars and see a complete list of our previous webinars, complete with recordings and downloadable copies of the presentation.
If you aren’t a Zoey merchant and would like to try Zoey for yourself, the best way is to start a 14-day free trial. If you have questions about Zoey or would like to learn more about our supported apps, contact one of our sales engineers.

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