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WEBINAR RECORDING: Making the Most of Glew Analytics

By Josh O'Connell on May, 21 2018


When it comes to running your online store, eCommerce Analytics can be one of the more critical components of the business. Being able to spot trends, respond to customer demands and maximize your sales is part of what makes the most successful merchants able to succeed.

Zoey knows the importance of having a robust analytics package, which is why we launched for our customers at the beginning of the month.

Our first webinar session about the capabilities of Glew is now available for view. You'll learn how to build specific filters that allow for a deep dive into your merchant data to see what your sales, product and other data points are telling you.

Glew is a powerful and robust application, so we know there's more to learn. That's why we've scheduled a second webinar session that will cover additional topics not hit during the first round of education:

  • How to create segments of customers, products, order and more
  • Reporting capabilities, and how to save your favorite reports
  • Overall walkthrough of what’s available in each screen

The webinar will take place at 1 p.m. EDT Wednesday, June 13, 2018. To register for the upcoming webinar, click the button below:

Register for the webinar

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