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Zoey Analytics Transition Updates

By Uri Foox on April, 30 2018


Today marks the beginning of our transition from our old analytics solution, Zoey Analytics by Jirafe, to the new tools, Glew.io and Google Analytics Enhanced eCommerce. Here are the latest updates:

  • Zoey Analytics, also known as Jirafe, will be shut down today. This shutdown, previously announced, is due to the discontinuation of Jirafe.

  • Google Analytics Enhanced eCommerce is live! If you have Google Analytics in place, either using our integration or the universal analytics code snippet, you are able to activate the additional reporting.  Learn how to do so in our support area. Please note the additional reporting will not be available until these steps are taken.

  • Glew is in the final preparations for launch. We will send out a notice when Glew is active. Please note that not all customers will get Glew automatically, and some customers will be getting Glew as an additional fee. Click here to review.

Since Glew uses your store's data, Google Analytics and other tools to aggregate your reporting, no historical data will be lost in the interim. Also, please note that as Google Analytics Enhanced eCommerce has just launched, you may encounter issues, which can be reported as always to the support team.

Thank you for your patience during the transition! We'll continue to update here and through other channels as more news arrives.

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