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Zoey's Future: A Path More Unique Than Magento 2 - Zoey vs Magento 2

By Uri Foox on April, 29 2016

Magento 2

The number one question that I’ve been asked is, “What are your plans for Magento 2?” and the short answer I always give back is, “We do not plan on moving to Magento 2 because we are not Magento.”

But wait--I thought Zoey was built from Magento! How could you not move? Aren’t you going to be outdated and irrelevant? What about all the extensions that are in the marketplace, how will they work? 

Magento's Monolithic Nature 

To understand the answers to the questions above, we need to first think about what Magento is. Magento is a PHP based application with a monolithic architecture. It’s built for developers, by developers. In other words, it is based on the PHP programming language and is built like a giant hollow concrete structure.

The hollowness provides room for developers to make changes, additions and subtractions to the code base, but ultimately constrains them to the concrete structure itself. More importantly, Magento as a company focuses on providing a product for developers. The end result is that every Magento store is unique. They each have their own bugs, problems and configuration, making it impossible to guarantee uniformity. This is a nightmare for store owners, developers and application makers. 

Zoey's Future

Zoey is currently in the process of deconstructing Magento and rebuilding it with a modern micro-services architecture. In other words, think of Zoey as being built out of bricks. Each brick performs a distinct job that does not rely on the other pieces to function. This principle makes it much easier to scale, develop and support. We know that every Zoey store works the same way, has the same speed, security and compatibility. This does not mean that Zoey is inflexible, but that Zoey is consistent. We know that if it works on Store 1 it will work on Store 1000; you simply cannot get this with Magento.

Today, we're replacing the original Magento brick - one big, giant brick - with a set of smaller, more nimble bricks. This micro-services approach will not only bring brand new features to the platform, but also tremendous scalability and speed improvements. This method also lets us maintain compatibility today with Magento's extension ecosystem while we prepare a new opportunity for developers that lets you hook deeper into Zoey. In the very near future we’ll be debuting “developers.zoey.com”. This site will help developers start migrating their Magento applications to native Zoey extensions.

Zoey and Magento 2

All this brings me to the original question - “what are your plans for Magento 2?” and now it becomes clear that Magento 2 is not applicable to Zoey. Our Product is built so that merchants can do things that were once only available in code. Our development partners are able to write more modern applications for our merchants by absolving them of the worries of compatibility, security, hosting--the uniqueness problem--and by giving them consistent tools to build their applications, better software is written.

We are big fans of Magento, and think that Magento 2 is a welcome change to their product line, but Zoey’s aim is to revolutionize SaaS eCommerce. We are building our product to work for hundreds of thousands of merchants and are focused on laying foundations to support that. We’re well underway on this amazing journey and our vision has only gotten bolder over the past eighteen months. It’s a thrilling time for Zoey and we look forward to building an exciting future together with our merchants, developers and agencies. 

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