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Zoey's Founder on the Benefits of Do-it-Yourself Sites

By Josh O'Connell on September, 5 2017


Zoey has long aimed to make it easier to build your own website, but we know that there are reasons why that might not always be the best solution for every merchant. That's why we also have an agency partner network, which can help merchants who'd prefer to have outside assistance at getting up and running.

Zoey Founder Uri Foox recently was featured in a Startup Nation piece, where he spoke about the pros and cons of both approaches, in an effort to help merchants determine the best approach for their website. Uri notes that this is a relatively recent development that this could be possible:

"One of the more exciting trends to emerge over the past few years is that technology is reaching the point where you can build your own website without the need for a technical resource. This empowers entrepreneurs to manage their site in-house, without requiring a technical resource."

Jake Wyldeman, of Zoey partner Craftingly, shared why he thinks some businesses will opt for a partner:

“Outsourcing to an e-commerce agency allows merchants to receive specialist knowledge, implementation and support required in business critical areas like design, development, marketing and strategy where you don’t have the skills, resource or time to manage internally. Agencies have the technical talent needed to design an online store presence that is easy use and drives conversions.”

Learn more about the options, and how to make the right decision, by reading the piece at StartupNation.

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